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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
I cannot WAIT to meet you! i love building relationships and getting to know new people! lets chat over the phone or grab a cup o' Joe and talk about your vision and end goals!

With weddings you hire ME! not just my camera! this means i will be there for you the whole way! if you cant decide on jewelry or which  style dress to go with, holla! i will give you my best opinion! if you want me to recommend any dress boutique or floral shoppe, i  gotchu, girl! if you decide you want me to accompany you and your support team to try on dresses and capture your "Yes! to the dress!" moment, heck YES i am down! I work with ANY budget and any timeline! Tell me what you are craving and i will customize a package specifically for your day!

If you have a brand that you are wanting to create commercials or mini ads for, lemme know! I have worked in the marketing field for 4+ years! I will capture the essence of your brand and put a little creative flare on it! Even if you are wanting to go a little deeper and get some analytical advice on how to best advertise your brand, man o' man YOU are in luck! Let's sit down and map out an advertising process that will best represent your company!

BABIES! if you are wanting to self promote yourself and your talents, OMG YASSS, pick me!! there is nothing i love more than showing off my peers and getting you to that next level! YOU are AMAZING! lets show the world (or at least social media) how awesome you are! i cannot tell you how much i love seeing others succeed!  After all, a rising tide lifts ALL boats! your success inspires me to keep striving for my own! LET'S DO THIS!

Also, if you just mention that you are an animal lover, i will immediately become crazy dog lady and talk for hours about our fur babies! 
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